Save Phace Series "MARVEL Iron Man Distressed" Welding Helmet (SKU#3012503)

Save Phace

SKU: 3012503


  • The EFP I Series is the First and Only helmet to feature a 2” x 4” Internally Adjustable ADF fixated into a 180º lens for maximum viewing. The EFP I series also comes with an additional Clear Passive lens for additional Grinding/Cutting/Splash Guard functions. If you want to use it as a grinding mask or splash guard, simply replace the other lens with a Clear lens (included) and off you go. We use ours for cutting ceramic tile, scraping the stucco off the ceiling, power washing, sand blasting, trimming trees, snow ball fights, shoveling snow, snow blowing, ripping wood, grinding fiberglass off the floor of a boat and a ton of other uses.
  • Use Top 5 FAB that are the same as our current EFP Series, PLUS the below:
  • World's 1st and ONLY 2"x4" INTERNAL Adjustable ADF; Shade 4/9-13
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Shade and Sensitivity Controls
  • Power Supply: Solar with Replaceable Battery's.
  • ANSI Z87.1, Meets or Exceeds CSA Standards, AUS/NZ