Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Triple Pack)


SKU: 47067

Emzone Microfibre Screen Cleaning Cloth - Value Triple (3) Pack is a great value for someone looking for quality cloths. The Microfibre Cloth dusts and cleans a wide-range of electronic devices (tablets, laptops, televisions) without scratching or streaking and are safe, non-abrasive and lint free. The Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Triple Pack) is machine washable and comes in three bright colours which makes it great for at home or office use.


  • Turn off equipment before cleaning.
  • Wipe area with dry cloth to remove dust and lint.
  • For smudge marks and fingerprints use with an emzone Cleaning spray.
  • Spray screen then wipe clean and dry with the emzone Microfibre cleaning cloth