Gunzilla The "Green" wonder product


SKU: BC10-4-1C

Gunzilla BC-10 is a patent pending formula designed to clean, lubricate and protect your firearms. Made from natural based materials, it contains no water or petroleum solvents and is safer and more efficient to use than other gun cleaners. It effectively removes build ups of lead, carbon, rust, copper, and black powder. The BC-10 formula breaks the bonds of the carbon molecules and leaves a sludge-like liquid, eliminating the need to scrape and scrub.

Gunzilla is safe to leave on metal surfaces for extended periods of time without adverse effects on surfaces and is even safe for use on wood and polymer. Once wiped down, Gunzilla leaves a dry coating for lubrication and protection against rust. It uses half the liquid of comparable CLP's and cleans quicker, requires fewer patches, and doesn't evaporate. The superior lubrication and cleaning offered by Gunzilla will effectively increase the life of your firearms by reducing bore fouling, friction and wear and tear on the moving parts.

Gunzilla CLP leaves a non-ionic coating which doesn't attract or retain sand, dust or carbon. It is used by many top shooters and is relied upon in duty by hundreds of law enforcement departments. It has even seen action in deployment overseas, and operators have reported considerably reduced weapons malfunctions and increased reliability.

Gunzilla contains no hazardous chemicals, is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

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