Garant 2.5 lbs garden pick, fiberglass handle (SKU#80066)


SKU: 80066

Unearth roots and break up hard or clay soil thanks to the Garant Pro Series professional garden pick. This tool has a 2.5 lb forged and tempered ultra-robust steel head. Durable and safe mechanical assembly thanks to its two-piece slip-eye connection with metal rod for an inseparable head and handle. Its 36 inch (91.4 cm) ultra-robust high-density polypropylene over molded fiberglass handle can resist temperatures as low as -30°C. Its anti-slip rubber grip allows for better manipulation of the tool as well as increased comfort. This industrial-grade garden pick is especially made for professionals looking for a robust, reliable and safe tool to complete demanding projects.


36″ long × 16″ wide × 3″ high




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