Garant 2.25 lbs canadian axe with safety grip (SKU#81252)


SKU: 81252

Cut down, debranch trees and clear your land with the help of the Garant Pro Series professional axe. This cutting tool with a red finish has a 2.25 lb forged and tempered steel Canadian head for increased strength and rigidity. It has a broad, thick head with a wide, thin carving wedge. It is well sharpened and polished to 1/3 for a perfect cut that easily goes through wood. The 28 inch (71.1 cm) varnished hickory handle absorbs shock well and its texturized anti-slip grip allows for safe manipulation. This axe of superior quality is especially made for professionals looking for a robust, reliable and safe tool.


27″ long × 6.5″ wide × 1.25″ high