Master Lock 1.75 4 Pin Tumbler Steel Padlock (SKU#1KA2081)


SKU: 1KA2081

Precision cylinder protection thousands of key changes tough laminated cadmium rustproof steel case- nickel-plated shackle. Removable key- change number for added security. Pair of brass keys included with every lock. Case-hardened steel shackle. Exclusive dual steel locking levers independently lock each shackle leg for increased protection. Patented taper assures smooth vertical shackle movement and precise engagement of locking levers. Proprietary rustproofing for longer life. 1-34 in. wide case 516 in. diameter shackle and 34 in. horizontal shackle clearance.Features. Laminated steel - 4-pin cylinder. Dual locking shackle. Grey dual bumpe