Superzilla The "Green" wonder product


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SKU: AP10-8-1C

Superzilla® is “The Green Wonder Product” because it successfully performs when other products fail without the
harmful effects on our health and the environment. Superzilla is non-hazardous and a testimonial to the superior power of plant materials working together to create a safe and effective product for the most difficult jobs.

Superzilla is superior as a Penetrating Oil, a Cleaner and as a Lubricant and here’s why:
As a Penetrating Oil it is the best in the WORLD! Superzilla has natural capillary action since it’s made from plants. Superzilla will literally walk through a rusted nut and come out an inch on the other side. While it’s doing this, it is removing rust and lubricating the mechanisms so the bolt is easily removed.

Aersol Can   (SKU#AP10-311-1C)

236ml Pump  (SKU#AP10-8-1C)

1Litre Trigger (SKU#AP10-1L-1C)