Spray 9 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner

spray 9

SKU: C12532

When nothing else cuts it…

Grez-Off’s award winning, grease busting power does the dirty work! This professional strength, biodegradable formula hits hard and fast with powerful water-soluble solvents. Bolstered with fast acting surfactants, Grez-Off® digs into grease and grime, prying it away like no other product can!

Use it on:
Engines, machinery, tools, mowers, conveyors, vents, work benches, walls & floors, ovens, grills, trunks, trailers, RV's, industrial and farm equipment, concrete, asphalt, vinyl, rubber, plastic, metal and more!

946ML (SKU#C12532)

3.78 Litre (SKU#C12501)

20 Litres (SKU#C12520)

208 Litres (SKU#C12545)