Salt And Stain Remover


SKU: 44039

Emzone Salt And Stain Remover is specially formulated to deep clean, break up and remove stubborn salt and other stains from your car's interior without water. Ideal for floor mats, carpets, seats and upholstery.

• Remove dirt or debris from the area to be cleaned.
• Hold can 20-30 cm (8" - 12") away from surface and spray area liberally.
• Let stand for 3 - 5 minutes to allow product to penetrate and loosen the salt stain. Longer for tougher stains.
• Scrub with a brush as required to tackle tougher salt stains or salt build-up.
• Use a clean cloth, sponge or wet vacuum to remove residue and moisture from treated area.
• Second treatment may be required for tougher salt stains.

NOTE: For older or thick build-ups of salt, soak with a small amount of hot water to soften and loosen salt before cleaning.