Rain‑X® Quantum® Wiper Blades


SKU: 99516

The Rain‑X® Quantum® Wiper Blade has breakthrough technology that applies water repelling coating as you wipe your windshield and has a unique blade change indicator to remind you when to change your blades.

Product Features

  • Water repelling coating — Contains a water repelling coating that is applied as you wipe and lasts for months
  • Blade change indicator — changes color over time from black to yellow to remind you when to change the blades
  • OE Design — found on many new cars including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Ford and GM vehicles
  • Advanced rubber technology — helps ensure smooth operation and enhanced durability
  • Aerodynamic spoiler — enables optimum windshield contact and high speed performance
  • Easy connector system — comes preinstalled with adapters to handle 87% of all vehicles without having to change the adapter