OdorStop Total Release


SKU: 44210

OdorStop odor neutralizer is designed to tackle tough problems due to moisture accumulation in vehicle vent and A/C systems. Excellent for eliminating odors caused by cigarette smoke, mildew and mold by attacking the problem at the source, circulating throughout the entire system.

How To Use:

NOTE: • Actuator Locks. One time use only. • No occupants should be in the vehicle during application.

1. Start engine and close all windows.
2. Turn on the AC or ventilation system, turn the fan to maximum speed and turn recirculator on.
3. Place can vertically on a flat surface.
4. Press button on can to release product.
5. Close door and allow 10 minutes for the can to empty and circulate through AC and vent system.
6. Once complete, open all doors and allow vehicle to ventilate for 5 minutes.